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Yesterday morning I began my day feeling a bit heavy and down; I wasn’t even sure why?   It is a human being thing that happens to us all.  Rather than marinating in it and spreading the feeling to my family, I took a proactive approach to finding my way out.  I posted this simple request to my faceBook page: “Please tell me something wonderful or funny that happened in your life this week.”

As the first few answers rolled in, my mood began to transform.  There was no way to read the  uplifting short stories and positive  scenarios and remain gloomy.  I smiled, snickered and felt warmth and love.  In fact I recalled my own wonderful incident that had taken place only one day earlier.  When we focus on the good things in our lives, no matter what else is happening, it generates a feeling of hope, helping us to create a NOW reality that is based on gratitude rather than lack.

Here are a few of the answers that were posted to my simple question.  I encourage anyone reading this to add your own in the comments box below.  Share the beauty and fun in your life and watch your day get better!

W. F. :  The young man next door surprised me with chocolate chip cookies this afternoon to thank me for helping him edit his college essay last week.

S. H. :  ….watched my daughter who hasn’t twirled in 3 years catch her triple illusion.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was awesome !!

S. O. :  We rescued a runaway dog and returned him to his owner just before animal control came to take him.

R. H. :  Spoke to my parents today, always makes me feel good and I still get the best advice from them.  I listen and take action now that I’m older rather than rebel and do the complete opposite.

L. D. :  My cat has changed his mind; he would rather sleep in the bath instead of the sink…  yet he hates water?

N. B. :  I trained positively by myself for over 3 hours solid!!  I was motivated and hardworking, did rolls/contact and novelty in the sunshine… was bliss and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

P. M. :  For the first time in a few years my husband and I booked a weekend to Germany,  (where our son is working).

L. S. :  I made homemade tomato sauce tonight for the first time with an Italian Tomato Press (lifelong dream) with tomatoes from my favorite farm in Maine.  I didn’t know it was possible for sauce to taste so good without any added salt, etc.  Tomato bliss.

A. P. :   I had my first golf lesson today and thoroughly loved it.  Couldn’t resist the urge to twirl the club and got some very strange looks.

M. M. :  I went to green sand beach with my dad, and then went out to eat!  For an early birthday present!!!  So much fun!!!!  Plus on art walk I got so flexible that I kept falling into splits all directions no problem, and all sorts of stuff I thought I could never do!!!  Sore today though.

B. K. :  I was riding down the Red Road along the ocean on my Elliptigo bike this afternoon and I was passed by two local guys who leaned out the window and gave me a shaka and a loud WOOOO!!!  My bike elicits this kind of reaction every single time and usually some smiles too.

K. L. :  …mine sounds boring – but I feel loved by my family after posting a crabby status last night!!

Annetta Lucero:  I was walking to town for an appointment when I realized it was too far and I wasn’t going to make it. I put my thumb out. Many cars passed me.  After a while the short school bus went by.  My heart swells at the sight of the short bus.  It made a stop up ahead of me and I was anticipating the exit of one of the “special souls”.  I kept walking towards it but nobody exited.  As I approached, the doors flung open.  The driver’s face was covered with tears.  She said, “You are Jaidon’s mom!  Please come in.”  I was delivered to the front door of my appointment, right on time.

COME ON!!!  Tell me something WONDERFUL!!!



  1. LeAnn Weaver - October 6, 2013 10:21 pm

    This weekend my church had it’s art festival. I had my first booth on quilting and baton twirling. It was so amazing to talk to everyone about my “crafts”. I also handed out toy batons that caused amazing enthusiasm for becoming future twirlers that I hope to teach. So I loved this event and sharing with my church.

  2. Noah - October 6, 2013 11:46 pm

    I went to teach circus to some younger children who didn’t show up. Instead I ended up juggling with our littlest son for 2 hours. There really is no time when something is fully enjoyable.

  3. Annetta Lucero - October 7, 2013 1:24 am

    Our family was concerned for our chickens when they seemingly disappeared. After searching a bit, Mabel The Rooster returned, but Zanthu The Conquering Hen was still missing. My daughter, who raised the two birds, was in tears until she heard a soft clucking sound coming from above. Looking up, she found Zanthu, perched at the very top of the highest banana tree. The hen has been happily roosting there for the past few days and is pleased with her accommodations. The Rooster, who cannot fly as high, is sulking in a lower branch.

  4. Melissa Gettler - November 21, 2013 2:32 am

    I am always encouraged in my daily life when I think of the wonder that is LUCERO!