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Who You Already Are

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Never, Never, NEVER underestimate what YOU are capable of.  Do not let general beliefs or statistics dictate the way you approach your life. My torso was crushed and knee caps shattered, and although I miraculously healed in many ways, I still had ideas that injury and age had an impact on what I was capable of.  A few days ago I realized that my perception was the only thing keeping me from executing things I was clearly capable of… today, I changed my perception.  If I were not physically capable of this, and confined to an immobile body, as was expected after my auto accident, I would still have come to reach my highest potential;  that potential may have involved painting with my teeth, but, it would have been great too….  since that isn’t my reality, I figured I better just get back to doing what I do.
Become who you already are…  always.

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