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What I learned from my son’s last breath

// Author: Annetta Lucero // 1 Comment

My son Jaidon lived a short and powerful life.
He was 16 years old when he took his last breath.
He was my teacher while he was alive.
There was one brief moment that affected me more than any other…
This is what I learned from Jaidon’s last breath:
If I am still breathing, I have to try.
I must live fully.
I must laugh.
I must see things lively.
I must notice beauty.
When he took that last breath, time stood still.
Energy shifted.
Love and sorrow mingled as all of the make-believe mind dramas of this manufactured world melted away.
Then, there was no more Jaidon.
“He” was really gone.
 There was no more struggle or trying.
When I am most distressed over life’s scenarios,
When things seem too heavy, overwhelming, impossibly complicated or hopeless;
I think of my son’s last breath.
His life was such a gift.
My life is a gift as well.
I will eventually experience my last breath.
But, until then…
I’ll try.
(Read Jaidon’s Story Here:¬†The only answer that matters)

1 comment

  1. Edward James Boeke - June 11, 2016 5:54 am

    Love You! Inspiring! Thank you! You communicate your spirit and it Works!
    Studied with Fred Miller! I am 62 and still twirling! Feature twirler for the San Francisco Lesbien And Gay Freedom Band since 1999. Am Moving to Palm Springs and twirling for the Desert winds Freedom Band! Learned new things from yor videos on You Tube!
    Want to order your CD!
    Love and Happiness to you! mr Ed