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3-DVD Set:”Lucero L.I.F.E. Lessons”

The complete 3 disc set of lessons from Annetta’s Lucero L.I.F.E. Network, contains 163 instructional twirling videos. Each disc is designed to be a stand-alone wealth of balanced information for all levels. The DVD set includes all twirling video content from the first 2 years of the online Lucero L.I.F.E. Network.
Drills – Tricks – Series – Rolls
Interviews – 2 Baton – Bonus Material

Temporarily SOLD OUT

2-DVD Set:”Disqualified & Overqualified”


This extraordinary 2-DVD Video Set entertains and educates twirlers of any level. Disqualified is a 90-minute, biographical film including never before seen competition videos dating back more than 30 years. A completely entertaining look at the twirling and performance life of Annetta Lucero. Refreshingly candid interviews and unbelievable twirling footage. Overqualified is a comprehensive, 120-minute instructional video that includes rolls, contact material, throws, catches, bodywork, drills and staff manipulation. Each section includes easy-to-follow, slow-motion, and multiple-angle demonstrations of skills for beginners, intermediate and advanced baton and staff twirlers.

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Article Review on DVD set: The Play House on Annetta’s DVD: annetta-lucero’s-disqualified-overqualified