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Trash Walk the Talk

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There were many days driving my kids home from school that I would hear them complaining in the backseat, “look at all the trash on the side of the road!  Those people are awful to just throw their garbage there.”  I too, felt disgust towards, “those people“, as I sped by day after day.

One day Noah had taken the car and was arriving home late.  I wanted to get the kids earlier so I decided to give them the adventure of walking home.  I set out towards their school but the amount of trash on the side of the jungle in my Hawaiian neighborhood could not be ignored.  I went back to the house, grabbed some bags and gloves and began the long walk again.  Once I had dumped the trash into the school waste baskets, I collected my kids and we set off towards home.  The children and I had a great time picking up trash all along the way.  They felt good that they had actively helped with a problem rather than just complain about other people.  I’m glad we participated in a solution rather than just blame others for the problem.  We cannot solve the trash problem on our own, but we can be empowered by our ability to do something positive.

Most of the things we picked up were wrappers, bottles, and a few dirty diapers.  There were a couple of “treasures” though.  I collected the odd prizes and put them in my pockets.  The creation below (on the left) and the many others in my “Creative Arts Gallery” were made entirely from refuse I found on the side of the road and various other places including abandoned construction sites.  After creating such fun and interesting things from what most would consider garbage, I was inspired to go farther.  We have also built our house from re-purposed materials and items I found discarded.
House images:  ~Living room view= discarded headboards  ~Bathroom vanity & walls = I tiled and refurbished a vanity from a hotel, re-used blinds on walls    ~Shower tree = broken tile mosaic (it took me 3 months to complete)   ~ Cali’s green room =  100% repurposed materials
~ Blue doors = Discarded pantry doors connected to plywood, dismantled picture frame (yellow trim above doors)

DSC00012      Re-purposed headboards     DSC01186     DSC01189     575406_2986431877336_91549082_n    Hallway Doors.


  1. Annetta Lucero - October 23, 2013 6:07 am

    I would like to add that I have had no formal training in refurbishing, tiling, or building. I had virtually no budget when I began this project. One day I just decided if I began, it would be a start, and a start would lead to the next step, and the next… and it did.

  2. Mexitali Rose - November 11, 2013 5:50 pm

    Annetta this is truly inspiring. I’m glad your posting about your eco/home. I’m in the process of transitioning to a greener lifestyle and at the beginning of getting rid of clutter to have more room for life. like you said a start is a start and then the steps take you further. My favorite is that bathroom and the shower, with the tree and water that must be a truly zen space. Keep it up, your an awesome mother for teaching your kids great values and letting them be free creative spirits.