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The Big Freeze

// Author: Annetta Lucero // 5 Comments


“Oh My Gosh!  It’s FREEZING!”  My teeth chattered as I forced myself to peek out from under the covers at 8:00 am this morning.
Noah moaned and pulled the comforters tighter around him.  Our friend and carpenter, Mark arrived on his bike, shivering, hands frozen, and concerned that he may have “cold-burned” his lungs on the 30 minute bike ride to our house.   My visiting student, Annabel, emerged from her room, quaking, and asked to borrow a sweatshirt and wool socks.   Although she is from Iowa, she has been staying in our home on the Big Island of Hawaii for three weeks, and apparently has adapted to our climate.   My neighbor’s mother hesitantly crept out of her home when she heard me checking on our chickens.  She was bundled in a thick robe and exasperatedly exclaimed, “has it EVER been this cold in Hawaii?”
“Not in the  eight years I’ve lived here!”, I sighed.  Hearing a rustle to my left, I noticed Noah had put on extra layers and was examining his prized pepper plants.  “I was hoping they weren’t ruined by frost!”  He said with great concern.  Our children’s beloved guinea pigs had been living in a make-shift pen for the past several days and I did not want to be the one to discover their tiny, frozen corpses, so I sent Mark to do the deed.
I was thrilled when he said that both animals were alive and seemed unharmed by the frosty climate.  My friend Devin called and reported that he had slept under all of his covers while wearing a hoodie and socks.

It was about then, that Annabel decided to look up the temperature in Pahoa, Hawaii.  Certain that we had approached similar tundra-like conditions to the mid-west, we waited in anticipation for the, “nearing zero degree” announcement.

We huddled together on the couch preparing for the big news.

Annabel stared, confused momentarily, before bursting into laughter.
“Guys….  it’s 66 degrees.”





  1. Valdeane Odachi - January 7, 2014 12:20 am

    LOL! Love it. I’m sure your friends in frozen Europe and the mainland US wish they could warm their hands in your “freezing” 66 degree weather! But just to verify and to pacify the doubters, our home was 48 degrees just past midnight. And that’s INSIDE the house since we don’t have insulation or double insulated windows or central heating. We did fire up the woodstove but that doesn’t last all night.
    It’s usually coldest before the dawn but you can be assured I was cuddled in my bed at that time so I couldn’t check the temps. And we’re in the lower areas of Volcano. Someone on FB posted that Volcano got to 36! Probably in the upper elevation of Volcano. Insane. Don’t know how true it was, but it was definitey cold here… yes, here in Hawaii!

    Stay warm Annetta! Loves!

    • Annetta Lucero - January 7, 2014 3:47 am

      While we thought we were freezing, I was thinking of you and others in Volcano, knowing I would much rather be wrapped in my blanket here in Pahoa! Below 50 is just sooooo cold!!! Bundle up and come for a visit if you need to defrost.

  2. Angelia - February 2, 2014 12:37 am

    Guys, Amelia is in Illinois with 16 below. You are too funny!

  3. Guido van Gent - February 5, 2014 8:15 am

    i envy the weather in Hawaii!

  4. Val Willman - September 25, 2014 4:32 am

    Hahahaha!! Yes. We can most certainly identify! (Visualize Mainlanders rubbing thumb and pinky together as they play on their imaginary violin…MY HEART BLEEDS FOR YOU! HA!)