Motivational Speaker


“The quality and power of your presentation was far beyond what we had imagined.  No words properly express my gratitude and awe for what we have witnessed. You’ve inspired our student leaders to go back to their schools and make a difference.” 
~Susan Sato, Department of Education, Hawaii Islands

Inviting Annetta Lucero to speak, guarantees an inspiring and unforgettable array of powerful stories, images, unmatched skill and contagious spirit.  Annetta presents with passionate authority on subjects ranging from self-acceptance, achievement, celebrating abilities, domestic abuse, grief recovery, awareness and living in the NOW.

“Annetta’s life of unimaginable pain and adversity transmuted into immense undying love is eloquently articulated in her heart-tugging story and performance. She encapsulates the heart essence of what it means to be the everyday caregiver.” 
~Mar Ortaleza, Organizer, Abled Hawai’i Artists (AHA)

“Knock-down, sensational talent aside, Annetta Lucero has blazed through life with Positivity, Determination and Tenacity”
~ The Network News

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