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bannerMaster clinician and private instructor, Annetta Lucero has taught circus-skills, baton twirling, dance and language in more than 30 countries, and led workshops world-wide for sports federations, corporate conferences and performance companies including Cirque Du Soleil Special Events.

Ms. Lucero has created training and performance routines for elite contortionists, acro-gymnasts, aerialists, jugglers, unicyclists, cheer teams, dancers, competitive choirs, rock bands, runway models and corporate employees seeking stimulating, team building exercises.  In addition, she has produced numerous National, European, and World Champions in the Sport of Competitive Baton Twirling.

Annetta Lucero’s positive approach to developing champions and successful cirque performers has proven to not only bring in medals of every color; but has enhanced the lives of her athletes far beyond competition and show years.  Her focus on reaching each individuals highest potential creates an air of accomplishment for every student, and enables the individual to flourish in life on and beyond the competition arena and stage experience.

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Thula Moon is one example of a student who took her potential to great heights…

Twirling student & super star, Annabel McAtee, demonstrates confidence and talent.

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Every individual has, locked inside of them, a greater potential than is often realized. It is my passion, desire and obligation, to find the keys that unlock that potential and hand them to my students. The determined ones find the keyholes and soar to heights few imagine. ~Annetta Lucero