“The feeling of empowerment I received simply from being here today has so inspired me. Your presentation has caused an immediate change in my perception about how I desire to approach my own life. I don’t understand how anybody can be this talented, but I am grateful…”
~Mary Saunders, Trauma Therapist, Educator

“The quality and power of your presentation was far beyond what we had imagined.  No words properly express my gratitude and awe for what we have witnessed. You’ve inspired our student leaders to go back to their schools and make a difference.”
~Susan Sato, Department of Education

“Knock-down, sensational talent aside, Annetta Lucero has blazed through life with Positivity, Determination and Tenacity”
~ The Network News

“Annetta’s life of unimaginable pain and adversity transmuted into immense undying love is eloquently articulated in her heart-tugging story and performance. She encapsulates the heart essence of what it means to be the everyday caregiver.”
~Mar Ortaleza, Organizer, (AHA)

“she had the entire room moved to tears with her harrowing story of her experiences as a mother of a disabled child. She performed a short piece featuring her baton skills as a tribute to her sons life- and totally rocked the house, her beautiful interpretation of her love transpired through her movements and skills- what a wonderful speaker and performer!”
~Quinn Nelson, Ho’omohala award recipient

IVAT Attendees Evaluations:
“Best powerpoint ever seen- the artwork related to each slide and brought about an experience with each slide. Love the format of having a live case example and hearing personal story of going through the process of healing.  Moving performance, incredible display of healing.”
~IVAT evaluation 

“This was the most useful & engaging session of the conference to me. There were many practical tools that I will be able to immediately apply in my work.”
~IVAT evaluation 

“She “makes” the presentation! Thank you so much Annetta…you and your beauty & strength are a gift to mankind! Mahalo.”
~IVAT evaluation

“Everything was fabulous. I wish it would have been recorded to have to watch over & over & over.”
~IVAT evaluation

“Very powerful presentation! Fresh perspective. Interesting!”
~IVAT evaluation