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Shift Your Focus

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A value I have carried from the sports arena to my life is to not focus on my competitors.  The color of the medal and how many times it has been captured has become unimportant.  How well can I be “ME” at this moment?  What can I present that will truly demonstrate who I am at my best?  When I stopped worrying about other athletes, I became more aware of reaching my highest potential.  If you’re the person with the gold medal – you’ve momentarily arrived.  If not, be thankful for all you are in that instant and continue to strive for the next opportunity.  Shifting your focus in this way, opens a pathway for you to develop your own style, enables you to be guided by your intuition and to recognize your unique skills and gifts. Trying to copy or live up to somebody else’s reality most often results in feelings of  failure and inadequacy.   Shift your focus from “them” to YOU.

You are responsible for creating your own reality.

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  1. Noah - October 4, 2013 2:04 am

    This is what I think about when I feel jealous of other performers. I have to remember we all have our unique set of talents and that is the only focal point that matters. Thanks for the reminder…