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Professional Athlete?

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How can you represent yourself as a Professional Athlete?

Do the things athletes do to reach their highest potential.  STRETCH properly before you train.  Eat nourishing food that promotes good health and stamina, know when to recover from injury, present your skill with confidence regardless of your level. Don’t be a complainer, if you don’t like to practice, choose a different activity, speak well of your sport and other athletes, do not be ashamed to say you ARE A BATON TWIRLER, or use the term TWIRLSPORT ARTIST. Explain your craft with less words, and more skill demonstration.  Be aware that you are an athlete with a unique skill set, and that in itself is something to respect.   ~Lucero

1 comment

  1. maryjo silva - November 17, 2013 12:35 pm

    I twirled for 7 years. I wish now I would have stayed in the sport. I actually got into an argument with a co worker a while vack because he said baton wasn’t a sport and I argued my point for quiet a while. He watched some of you youtube vids and he was surprised by all the stuff you do in Your routine. Then said its still not a sport. Ugh its so irriatating.