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Open and Receptive

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“I am open and receptive to all good things, opportunities, people, concepts, experiences and new ideas.” 

For the past few weeks I have been practicing this statement whenever I feel the immediate resistance I have carried with me for much of my life.
You know the feeling— it’s that automatic, defensive, disapproval.  It’s the scowl between your eyebrows when you see behavior that you perceive as being wrong, the pursed lips as you make that little hmmph sound, the dismissal of chance for things you long ago crossed off of your “I can do that” list—  it’s the judgement you quickly form about yourself,  situations,  possibilities, and others.

It came to my attention not long ago that, although I have been on a path of personal expansion for quite some time, I still live a part of my life inside a dark maze of many walls built long ago.  I may be cruising along with a lightness in my step and a flow in my heart one moment, and then, SMACK!  Big, cold, brick-wall right in the kisser.  While I was the mason of these walls, I realize that I learned my craft from the generations of builders before me, and I collected the building materials from commercial outlets, big-box stores, ma and pa shops and unexamined refuse piles.  Ultimately, most of my walls were built from ideas, judgements, fears and concepts that were not originally formed from my own thoughts.  They were things that I picked up, held on to, and put in place without having taken the time to contemplate the validity of the materials.

Now that I am aware of these walls I am beginning the demolition process.  It is not as difficult and dirty as I had imagined.  I’m not using big machinery, or even a sledge hammer to break down my inherited walls.  Although I built them, I sloppily put these walls together from the behaviors and thoughts that were passed to me from family and society and I did not use any mortar as I tossed each brick, stick and stone in to place.

I am already noticing a difference in my everyday life since beginning this practice of being open and receptive.  Passages are revealed as I push down the walls of resistance and step through to the light and opportunities on the other side.  My mind is less burdened, my spirit lighter, my breath deeper and the journey less impeded.  I may trip over some of the loose rubble now and then, but it’s already getting easier to kick it out of the way or step around it.
It never really belonged to me.  I’m clearing my path so that I can be exactly who I am…  so that I can dance in the light of opportunity and absorb the newness of each experience as it comes.  Unblocked.




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