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Never After ~ A Tale of Woe and Triumph

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7. Beautiful Horrors

Never After
~A tale of woe and triumph~

Once upon a crime, in a not too far away subdivision, there was a World Champion Princess. Twirling Beauty was extremely talented, vivacious, lovely and ashamed.
She kept a secret that nobody would have guessed.

~Giant Princess Secret

For ten years Twirling Beauty was held captive in her home by a jealous overseer named Sir Meanie Pants. Sir Meanie Pants was a very insecure and mistrusting man. He did not realize that his cruelty would cause him to lose the very things he held most precious.

~Lyra Solo Song: “Precious Things”

When Sir Meanie Pants first met the sparkling Princess he was entranced by her and pursued her in the disguise of a happy Prince. But soon after he revealed himself and began punishing the Princess for the very things he was originally attracted to. Jealous Sir Meanie Pants had impossible rules and regulations and would severely punish the obedient Princess unnecessarily. She became subject to a constant emotional and psychological paddling.

~Paddle Ball Solo Song: Swing Music

Twirling Beauty was accustomed to a harsh lifestyle and had a high tolerance for pain because of her training as a professional athlete. So, through the years she endured the constant ridicule, the destruction of her personal memories, the belittling of her talent, the lack of choice in how many children she would birth, the false accusations of unfaithfulness and the isolation of all of her friends and family. She felt so alone. The void between her and those she loved was greater than the distance between New York and China.

~Modern Contortion Solo Song: “China”

All of these things the Princess hid. She was determined to succeed in her captivity no matter what the personal cost. She did not realize that the cage of abuse has an open door and she could choose to fly away. The years rolled on and the Princess sadly accepted her limited existence. She didn’t know what love was…she just did as she was told.

~Contact Ball Solo Song: “You Don’t Know What Love Is”

One day, a kind woman relentlessly nagged Twirling Beauty to coach her sweet daughter. “Please!” The woman begged. Although the Princess knew she didn’t have permission to venture out she couldn’t resist the raw talent. “Where can I train this future star?” she asked. “You must go see the King of Hippieland”, replied the woman. One day the Princess snuck out while Sir Meanie Pants was away. “Oh King of all Hippies!” she exclaimed, “this is a spectacular circus facility! I must train all of the children! “ The Princess recognized her ability to give. And although her own life was restricted she wanted desperately to teach her students to make strong choices and listen to their voice within.

~Lyra Duo Song: “The Voice Within”

Over time Twirling Beauty befriended many characters in Hippieland. Slowly she began revealing her secrets. Her new friends were sad and wanted to help. One friend in particular, Snow Dyke, minced no words. “Get the Hell out of there!” She screamed. (Far to loud in many public places.) “You are strong. You have great worth! You are so beautiful!”

~Dance “You Are So Beautiful”

The abuse of the Princess escalated and just as she was feeling completely hopeless, the King of Hippies had a proposition for her. “Oh outstandingly talented Princess”, he cooed. “I would like you to teach a camp for me. But there’s one catch. A Fairy God Dude from a far away land will be assisting you.” “OH GEEZ!” Thought the Princess. ……“Here he is now”…… chirped the king. When the dubious Princess turned to greet the Fairy God Dude, she had a hot flash and almost passed out. The hotness of the Fairy motivated the Princess to make a life altering decision. Although she had never uttered a foul word in her life she went home and said to Sir Meanie Pants….…”THIS SHIT STOPS HERE!”………And he could tell she meant it! She knew her freedom would be hard earned but with her eyes and heart open to the beauty of love and freedom, she refused to quit.

~Balance Duet Song: “I Can’t Quit You Baby”

Sir Meanie Pants beat the Princess and had her fraudulently jailed. While she was imprisoned he stole away her most valuable treasures. As she sat alone in the cold cell she understood that she must grow in strength, seek justice and spread a message of hope for others, like herself, who could not see the open cage door. After the Hippie King bailed her out she began a new journey.

~Twirl Solo Song: “Mercy”

Many court dates were attended and the Queen Mother sold her castle and sacrificed all in order to help her Princess Daughter. Twirling Beauty’s treasures were returned and her hope for happiness was restored. She continued to grow in strength, knowledge and spirit and decided to write a show that would help her repay the Queen Mother her retirement fund.

~Musical Interlude Song: “Think”
~Cube Finale


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  1. Melissa Gettler - February 3, 2014 1:59 am

    Just Ohh…….

  2. Guido van Gent - February 5, 2014 7:17 am

    Deep respect for your story here.
    I grew up with similar expiriences, not trough a partner but from my dad.
    But when you are just over 1 years old, you also think this is the normal way to go.

    It’s a too long story with to much negative things to say here, but i can understand very well what you have endured for a long long time.

    Big big respect for the way the twirling beauty stood up and made her happily ever after ending for this story and continued writing more beautiful fairytales day in and day out.