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I Will Work for my Dreams

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Annetta Lucero work for dreams

All of my life I have been working. I decided to make the work meaningful by putting my efforts into the things I dreamt about that I knew I could accomplish. At first, some dreams did not belong to me; but since I had no choice, I worked hard, I made them mine… and I OWNED them. My dreams are breeders. Whenever one of them manifests through my efforts, another one is born. Sometimes I have triplets and quadruplets. Sometimes they don’t come to life as I expected, but those disabled dreams, the imperfect ones, are usually the ones that create opportunities for me to grow and adapt. All of my dreams, no matter how big or small, realized or only sought after, belong to me… and I am the only one who can cultivate them and make them a part of my human experience. I am responsible for creating my own reality.
I will work for my dreams.

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