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From Fiasco to Opportunity

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How would you react if you invested nearly all you presently had into purchasing something, yet when the product arrived it was damaged beyond salvage, you may not be reimbursed, and your deadline for retrieving some of your investment was passing that very day?
Today I had a most awesome experience….
A few weeks ago I drew a funny little stick figure throwing a baton at the wall.  I thought a lot of my baton twirling community would get a kick out of it, so Noah and I invested in purchasing a bulk order of tank tops from overseas.  (Getting things on the Big Island is a challenge).  The tanks arrived in a huge box and we made an appointment with a printer.  I was happy as I opened them with the printing assistant. This was the one available day before we would be put on a long wait list for production.  As Pua began opening the packaged tanks, she gasped, “Oh!  Wait a minute, these tanks have discoloration spots all over!”   I too was opening packages,  “Well, perhaps it’s just these two packs.”  I said with hope, opening the next one.  We realized the issue was significant at around twenty packs.
I made a call to Noah to inform him of the situation.  Noah said he would try to contact the supplier and with an, I love you, we ended the call.
Pua was looking a bit stunned as she asked, “how are you doing that?”  I knew what she meant.  “How are you NOT freaking out right now?  This is a huge problem for you.”  She added.
I looked at her with complete sincerity and said,  “I have been practicing eliminating drama from my life and I had a very good teacher.  Two and half years ago my 16 year old son died in my arms.  That lesson has showed me that a batch of ruined tank tops doesn’t merit drama.”  Pua’s eyes immediately welled with tears.  I continued,  “Life is an amazing, beautiful journey.  I’m so grateful for all that I’ve learned, and besides, I know that this scenario will end up being exactly what it should be.”

At full count about half of our order were damaged.  I needed to find high quality, affordable tanks in a variety of sizes and appealing colors in only one hour.  That may not seem difficult if you live in civilization, but here in Hilo, Hawaii, it would take a miracle…  thankfully I believe in miracles… actually I expect them.
I went to 5 stores around town with no results.  Knowing I was nearly out of time meant store number 6 had to be the one.  A sales girl approached to see if I needed help.  “Do you have stretchy, good quality tank tops”?  I asked.  She sighed and pointed to the wall, “we have way too many tank tops.  We got an extra shipment this morning!”   There on the wall was everything I needed to have our printing order go through.  As I was driving back to the printers my friend Devin called.  I comically told him about the “fiasco” and how I had to choose a lot of juicy, bright colors rather than just the original light pink and blue.  He quickly responded, “Well that’s MUCH BETTER!”  At that moment my calmness transformed to excitement.  He was right!  These tanks were great!

I called Noah and he mentioned that the foreign company that sent us the original tanks may or may not reimburse us.  I didn’t allow my thoughts to plummet into bad feelings within me.  I kept the good feeling of having found enough tanks to print, and I did not dwell on the price of the tanks.  I just remained grateful.  While driving home in this state of gratitude a big colorful idea popped into my head.

Noah was in the yard working when I jumped out of the van to greet him.  “I KNOW what I can do with the discolored tanks!” I blurted.  Right away I got out my fabric spray and graffitied one of the outcasts.  I can’t wait to get creative with this project, and hit the Farmer’s Markets.
The best part is that I get to come up with hundreds of original designs…  what an OPPORTUNITY!

Variety Tanks Coming to the Store at very soon!   Pre-orders happening now.
Child  Small / Med. =  White
Child  Large =  Light Pink / Sky Blue
Adult Small =  Light Pink / Sky Blue
Adult Med / Large = Assorted Fruity Colors
Guys and Gals Plus Size Grey T’s  =  S / M / L/ XL

Graffitied tanks by Lucero =  Opportunities await.







  1. Annetta Lucero - December 12, 2013 6:31 am

    So many cool things happened as a domino effect due to this adventure and keeping a positive outlook. I went to check Target for tanks, and I ran into my dear friend Val AND her two beautiful children who I rarely get to see and hug! Staying in a loving state of mind, even in the midst of challenging circumstances, leads to good results… it never fails.

  2. Valdeane Odachi - December 12, 2013 6:57 am

    It was SO great to see you. It was the universe taking control since I made a trip up to the front of the store VERY unexpectedly!

    Great idea about the tanks! I was thinking tie dye would be fun too! And the printing over that as well! In any case, I’m sure it’ll be great!

    Loves and hugs!

  3. Melissa Gettler - December 12, 2013 7:54 am

    Amazing things happen when you allow them!

  4. Dottie Eyler - December 12, 2013 4:53 pm

    I’m so glad it all worked out for you!!

  5. Heather Scheck - December 19, 2013 4:44 am

    I still have the tank you decorated for one of my circus customs a long time ago! What a cool idea to create something special out of the discolored tanks.