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Follow Your Passions and Believe You Can Do It!

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3. Heal with Bliss

In response to this question I received:

Q. “Ms. Lucero how is it you have had the ability and time to study and perfect so many different kinds of talent aside from the physical abilities?”

A. “It’s easy.  I haven’t spent time, nothing is perfected and I did not study many of the things I am capable of.  I never learned how to sew or draw;  I simply believed I COULD and I began.  I had a need and desire for beautiful costumes so I bought a sewing machine, read the instructions on how to thread it and made my first unitard by telling myself I was capable.  I really did not know anything but I believed I could create.  I did not worry about how anybody else made them or whether it was “correct”.  I just began.  The same thing with drawing.  I like colors, I like art, I just began by beginning.
Do not be afraid to try things.  Do not worry about whether it may or may not turn out “perfect”.  If you have a passion follow it, believe it will be something unique, whatever it turns out to be and appreciate that you were able to do it.
Always begin… always take the first step, always appreciate the outcome.


Costumes I sewed after reading instructions on how to thread a sewing machine.

blue hoop

A tree I tiled in our bathroom.  I read the mixing instructions on the back of the mortar bag and went for it.


One of the drawings I created after my car accident 2 years ago.  Unable to use my body, I found a way to make art with sharpies and my imagination.


The back of a stilt costume I made, with zero budget.  I used house hold items I found, such as fake plants, old tarps and feather dusters.

costume bird back


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