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Everyday is a Miracle

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A remake of my car accident happened in front of me this afternoon while I was at the stop sign… at the very intersection where I was hit.  Two cars collided at full speed, spun out of control inches from my windshield and came to a smoking halt on separate sides of the road.  I was given the opportunity to do the things that nobody did for me.  Without hesitation, while exiting my van, I told my friend Mark, “call 911”, and ran to the first car.  It was a mother and her 11 year old boy, who were in shock but breathing, functioning, and getting out of the car.  The boy went safely to the side of the road and the mother was making a phone call.
The second car was the one who took the hit as I had.  There was no movement in the car, and when I approached, I immediately said, “you are not alone, help is on the way…. are you breathing?”  The man driving shook his head, “no”.  I said, “stay calm and don’t move, focus on taking in air, and you will be able to breathe soon.”  He was in shock and afraid but looked at me, and after some time, took a small breath.  He gasped, “check my girlfriend.”  I ran to the other side of the car and saw that she was in shock as well, but she was breathing.  Her shoulder and sternum were already swollen, but I assured her that help was on the way and talked with both of them until emergency vehicles began to arrive.  I alerted the first response team to the man in the car who was, by now, delirious and frantic.
Of course I have had a myriad of emotions come forth from this experience.  I’ve cried a bit, from the memories of having been left in my car for 22 minutes with no help;  but, I have had a greater feeling of gratitude, that a bit of justice fell into my path.
I was able to do for others, something that should have been done for me, and for any other person who is injured and frightened.  I was given an amazing opportunity to re-live a lonely 22 minutes and make it into something… else.
Seeing the wreckage, and realizing that I am still here for my family, recovered and thriving, reminds me that every day of my life is a miracle.
May all of the people in this accident recover well, find peace and live their own miracles each day.

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