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The Great Unknown (and a tour of my art house)

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The threat of molten lava engulfing one’s home will certainly light a fire under one’s rear-end. My year of unbelievable change escalated when Madame Pele began making her way towards my neighborhood in Pahoa, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Amidst daily reports of advancing lava and preparations to evacuate, the great unknown for me was where I was going to go?

After some attempts for housing in New york, and challenges blocking an easy entry to London, I fell upon an opportunity in Norway, and decided to go for it.  In the process of figuring it all out the lava stalled, but my momentum did not.
Now my children and I have made our way to a place of complete contrast to where we had built our previous life. Many changes have occurred in my personal life since the lava began to cover, morph, burn and rebirth everything in it’s path.

There are days of great uncertainty and I interpret those times as a door to possibilities opening, if I continue to operate from a place of courage, kindness and growth.  Sometimes I’m a little frightened, but that is fleeting, there is too much to sort out to waste my energy on fear.  Sometimes I’m lonely, but that gives me the opportunity to examine myself and to learn how to fulfill my own lingering empty spots. Sometimes I’m elated that it is all happening, and when this adventure has run it’s course, the colorful art house, built on the rock in the sea, may still be there waiting.

Thai-rrific Kitchen Cabinets

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Ta-Da Cabinet Door.

The tropical rain pelted my windshield as I pulled up to the Pahoa Transfer Station several months ago.  I was making another run to the tiny  re-use store in an attempt to find things that would serve as functional interior elements for our developing home.   (more…)

Trash Walk the Talk

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There were many days driving my kids home from school that I would hear them complaining in the backseat, “look at all the trash on the side of the road!  Those people are awful to just throw their garbage there.”  I too, felt disgust towards, “those people“, as I sped by day after day. (more…)