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A Declaration of Truth

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I am willing to follow my passions completely.

I am able to change and shift and morph and not be stuck in my own hamster wheel of intractable beliefs.

I am not afraid of revision.

I do not fear the judgement of others.

I choose to take risks and I welcome my mistakes as life’s greatest instructors.

I courageously step away from the security of the uncomfortably workable in order to experience the rapture of my highest truth.

I am radically present in my own life.


My Approach to Parenting Individuals

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If you have followed any part of my personal journey you may know I have really, really, REALLY interesting kids.  I haven’t tried to make them interesting, in fact, I haven’t tried to make them anything other than who they already are.  None of my children have been very interested in baton twirling. (more…)

Suitcase of Trauma

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A sullen child sits on the curb in front of a modest track house.  The child’s physical appearance is that of an unkept 9 year old boy.  The child is clutching a small suitcase and has desperate eyes.  The child’s heart is beating very fast.   (more…)

My Escape from Domestic Abuse

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It was unusual and difficult for me to define the problem for many years.  My situation was based on psychological, emotional abuse.  The slowly evolving elimination of all that identified me as me.  Constant, repetitive disdain that grew in to veiled threats.  First the arts, then the friends, then the family.  All eliminated.  Then the training of my children to abhor my beliefs and disrespect my opinions. (more…)

Master of Adaption

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Life as an entertainer has made it necessary to learn many skills beyond what is demonstrated in the plethora of choreographed presentations of physical ambitions.  In dealing with agents, event coordinators and demanding clients I have learned to be a great diplomat. (more…)

Let’s Be Friends!

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Walking through the grocery store, a beautiful young man tapped my arm and enthusiastically squealed, “HELLO!”
After giving him a big hug, I asked, “How do I know you sweetie?”
He responded, “YOU DON’T! You just look so happy and kind, I thought I would greet you.”
I was thrilled, so I exclaimed, “Let’s be friends!”
We immediately grabbed hands and spun around in the aisle, laughing until we were dizzy.
That’s how I roll.

Dear Angry Friend

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I receive many notes, posts and messages from a variety of folks from all over the world.  It is a blessing that many of these correspondence are encouraging and supportive.  Some of the messages are from those in difficult situations, pain, grief, confusion and seeking my viewpoint.  I also receive letters of hate. (more…)

Never After ~ A Tale of Woe and Triumph

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Beautiful Horrors

Never After
~A tale of woe and triumph~

Once upon a crime, in a not too far away subdivision, there was a World Champion Princess. Twirling Beauty was extremely talented, vivacious, lovely and ashamed.
She kept a secret that nobody would have guessed. (more…)

I Am Grateful

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I once overheard somebody say, “this is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life”.
It was regarding the color of a hair dye. (more…)