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LuceroLIFE (Simple neck traps)

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Clarifying simple neck traps is helpful.

Moving in the correct direction with body and baton will help ensure flow and ease throughout the learning process.

A strong foundation is the basis for quality as one advances.

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LuceroLIFE (Beg. Warm-up Dance Twirl 2)

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This little dance had to be repeated an unimaginable amount of times because I kept forgetting the order of what I was doing.

I finally remembered the whole thing, presented it perfectly, and then realized the camera had run out of space and was no longer filming!

Such is life.

I hope you enjoy it and use it for class warm-up or for your own exercise fun.


LuceroLIFE (Foot Kick Trick)

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After posting this trick to Instagram I received messages from around the globe.

A Dutch friend cracked her eye pretty good, a boy from Kentucky is nursing a broken toe, and I don’t even want to ask what’s going on in the UK… instead of waiting to receive any more injury stories from folks trying to copy the trick, I decided to make this instructional video.

I suggest that those attempting the feat, protect their feet by wearing regular athletic shoes rather than thin dance shoes.

It is fun and easy once you learn and master it!  Good Luck & TWIRL STRONG!

LuceroLIFE (Baton Twirling fun in the Park)

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Learning to edit my own videos by studying tutorials and scouring Google has been exciting, rewarding, frustrating and opened up a new art form for me. For years I have relied on others to create the things I imagined and it is a joy to now have the ability to bring my thoughts to life.

Here is a really fun glimpse at some cool baton twirling and the beauty of Queen Lilioukalani Park located in Hilo, Hawaii.

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LUCEROLIFE on YOUTUBE (Beg. Dance-Twirl)

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Aloha baton twirling enthusiasts!

You’re going to love my NEW and IMPROVED YouTube channel, LuceroLIFE.

I will be posting ALL twirling ALL the time.  Beginning with my first NEW post today…

Learn and enjoy this fun and funky beginning dance-twirl for warm-ups or a daily exercise program.

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I’m just learning how to edit these videos myself, and I know the quality will improve as I continue to create. I appreciate your enthusiastic support and understanding as I learn things like how to get the volume of each clip consistent.

I’m looking forward to sharing the fun and beauty of our wonderful sport with a wide range of those who are willing to learn and to be inspired.


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Have you ever felt so deeply trapped in your own life story that the potential for a new chapter seemed hopeless?

I have.

One of the heaviest challenges of my life found me only a few weeks after my book, “The Tao of Winning”, was released.
This challenge tested everything I had written about. It tested how I viewed my experiences, my life philosophy, my wavering confidence, security, responsibility… it tested my peace.

I have never failed a test with more gusto.

For a month and a half I found myself sinking deeper into a story that did not need to belong to me.  The more I attached myself to the circumstances and the actions of others the more vividly my frustrations manifested.  Frustration turned to anger, anger transformed into rage, this fury produced vengeful thoughts that made me feel internally occupied and constantly nauseated.

I became unhinged.

It felt as if the story owned my entire Being.

After leaving the scene of the story I traveled to Norway. The happiness I felt to be with my Beloved, was marred as I kept my rage alive. I had lost sight of my own wholeness. I was living as a fragment of myself, the love in me consumed by an unseen force, regurgitated out as hate, disguised as justice.

Perplexed as to how to find my way back, I questioned, how can I escape this decline in to ever more hate and pain?

My Love had the answer.

Stop telling the story.
Stop telling it to yourself, stop telling it to others. Stop posting about it. Stop writing emails about it.
If you need to speak about it, just tell me during a set time each day, but otherwise, step away from repeating this thing, and the pain will subside.

It’s been a few days since I listened to and adopted this advice.

I have stopped telling the story. I stopped completely.
Last night I did not have nightmares. This morning the anger was not present. Feelings of needing revenge have subsided.

For the first time in nearly two months I feel a light inside of myself. Although it is dim, it is enough to illuminate a blank page;

it is enough to begin the next chapter…


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A Friend for Those Forgotten

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“A Friend For Those Forgotten” is a humanitarian project for alleviating the suffering caused by human loneliness, and to promote compassion, kindness and respect for every human being.

Through the belief that compassion turned in to action can positively impact the world of every individual, I conduct heartfelt visits of friendship for human beings who feel lonely and forgotten.

Briefly describe your project:

A few moments after exiting the train in Oslo, it began;

“Lady, please give me something, PLEASE, TAKE THIS!” The gypsy girl forced a small magazine into my chest. Six others had done the same within minutes. “No thank you”, I politely replied. I took a deep breath and remembered, “I am neither beneath nor superior to anyone.” After repeating this in my mind the irritation evaporated and I continued, through the crowd. The experience caused me to seek eye contact with those who were available. As I met the eyes of others I honored their worth. This simple exercise was powerful and connection took place instantly, many people nodded and smiled as they passed. I was enjoying this game when one man caught my attention, causing me to pause. His weathered face captured me and he did not release his gaze. He was a beggar, but in that moment he was not asking me for anything. I stood there looking at him, he looking back at me; seeing him, and being seen by him. After a bit, I sat down next to him. I said, “if you don’t mind I’ll just sit here with you for a while”. I didn’t know what language he spoke, but he grinned and scooted a little closer to me. As we sat I told him I was from Hawaii and I had just completed my immigration appointment. I said it was funny that people were wearing shorts and t-shirts yet, in my jacket, pants and cap I still felt chilled. He chuckled yet said nothing. Soon somebody dropped coins in his tattered cup. He looked at me with surprise, a moment later some more coins appeared and he made a “Whoop” noise, shaking his boney finger at me and grinning. We were laughing as his next customer made a deposit, and he slapped my back like an old chum. Time passed. I gave him a hug, said goodbye and stood to walk away. I felt a tug on my ankle. My companion stood to his feet, and in English said, “that was more kindness than I have received in years. Will you do something for me?”
Touched, I asked, “what do you wish?” He said, “Get yourself a big ice cream as a gift from me. You’ve healed my loneliness”
Tears flowed as I walked back toward Central Station and I was no longer irritated by the gypsy girls and their work.
As I ordered the ice cream my heart was exploding with gratitude.

“A Friend For Those Forgotten” is a humanitarian project for alleviating the suffering caused by human loneliness, and to promote compassion, kindness and respect for every human being.

Through the belief that compassion turned in to action can positively impact the world of every individual, I conduct heartfelt visits of friendship for human beings who feel lonely and forgotten.


Why does this idea matter to you and the city of Oslo? 

I was initially inspired by an elderly man who wandered alone in the street near my home. After forming a friendship through mutual respect and simple conversation, I noticed a transformation in his demeanor, alertness and level of joy. My belief that every individual should feel valued and cared for prompted me to take action. That action has led to hundreds of visits with the elderly, disabled, incarcerated, homeless and has prompted the development of “A Friend For Those Forgotten”. This idea matters to me because compassion, kindness and time is a gift that can be offered by anyone to anyone and I am willing to be a person who offers these things and who leads the way for others to do the same.

The city of Oslo benefits by the empowerment of human beings offering themselves to those who need to be seen and loved. The ideology of kindness spreads and increases the quality of life and general positivity within a city. In addition there are health benefits to addressing the epidemic of loneliness.

According to a new study revealed in Perspectives on Psychological Science: “Social isolation — or lacking social connection — and living alone, respectively increase mortality risk by 29% and 32%.”

Some of these potential health consequences include heart disease and stroke, increased stress levels, decreased memory and learning, alcoholism, and altered brain function. Because loneliness disrupts the regulation of cellular processes in the body, it also predisposes those suffering from it to premature aging.


How will you use the micro-grant funding to realize your concept? 

The micro-grant funding will be used to further develop my personal mission and services into a legitimate “start-up” foundation. This will enable the creation of needed aspects such as website development, consultations, event planning for awareness, outreach programs and education for those interested in participating. In addition funding would greatly increase the possibilities in making an impact during individual friendship visits. My goal is teach others how to affectively participate in visiting the lonely.

I often take supplies to those I meet and I have a vision of not only sitting and talking with those in need but doing activities with them that help them to feel more integrated within their world.

Taking a lonely elderly person or homeless person to lunch at a restaurant instantly changes their self-perception and can lead to increased feelings of acceptance… which leads to ever more feelings of belonging, the possibility for life changes, better societal involvement, improved health and ultimately participation as a visitor for someone else.


What specific elements of community and/or sustainability are being addressed in your concept? 

Many elements of community are addressed by this concept.

The participation of those willing to offer compassion to the lonely and forgotten members of our society will be bonded by a strong sense of community consciousness.

Unity and solidarity are derived from living in a definite locality, such as Oslo. By understanding some of the complexities, complications, and confusions within the life of just one member of a community, insights are brought into the collective emotional identification of its members.

This project includes all aspects of social life. Participation welcomes everybody regardless of color, age, race, prior community involvement, level of education, occupation, personal relation, handicap, religion or any other factor. “A Friend for Those Forgotten” actively reaches out to all citizens, encouraging their participation.

In addition this project promotes community health. Experts report that when you focus on someone other than yourself, it interrupts usual tension-producing patterns.

Moods and emotions, like optimism, joy, and control over one’s fate, strengthen the immune system and create more opportunities for positive social interaction.




When your mind gives you lemons…

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Not long ago I auditioned for a TEDx jury in front of a live audience.

There were 14 passionate, intelligent speakers vying for the chance to present their “idea worth spreading” for the 2017 season.

My topic was My Unrealistic Reality.  Each time I share my stories and how I view life, many people ask, But HOW DO YOU STAY SO POSITIVE AND HOW CAN YOU TELL THESE STORIES WITH SUCH EASE AND HAPPINESS?

I offer my viewpoint throughout my presentation, with examples such as:  After my body was crushed in the car accident and the doctor came to offer his prognosis for my recovery, he stated, “Your injuries are extreme, your body will not fully recover and your athletic career is over”…. and I WAS DELIGHTED…. because what I heard him say was, “You have a completely different body now, so you get to choose interesting, new and exciting things to BECOME!”  I did choose new and exciting things to become, and so, there was nothing wrong with the circumstances, and, after some time I also healed decently and DID return to my athletic career.

Although I give these examples and live my life with this kind of thought process, not even I realized how my personally trained way of thinking is such an engrained part of me, until a gentleman named Oliver, spoke on the subject of happiness.  His focus was about how our thoughts, rather than our circumstances can help us to create our own level of happiness.

Toward the end of his presentation he said, I am going to quickly demonstrate just how powerful your mind is.  Please close your eyes.  Imagine a big, yellow, juicy lemon.  It is on a plate in front of you. You have a sharp knife and you cut the big, yellow lemon in half.  It is glistening in front of you.  You see the juice dripping from the slice.  Now you pick the lemon up, and you take a big, juicy bite.  Now open your eyes.  

He then asked,  Raise your hand if you had a physical reaction of some kind during that story.

Everybody in the room raised their hand…  Except for me.

Oliver then chuckled and said, That’s how powerful your mind is.  There was no lemon.  I was just saying words.  Yet, your mouth was affected wasn’t it? Everybody laughed and nodded, yes.

I had no physical reaction to Oliver’s story.

Here’s why.

The moment I heard Oliver say the word lemon, I chose to re-imagine a lemon as the most sweet and easy thing in the world to taste.  I did not know where his story was going, or that he would ask us to take a bite in our mind.  I did know that the thought of a lemon causes my mouth to have an unpleasant reaction, and I like pleasant things…  so, I just made it pleasant.  When he asked us to taste it, I took a completely different bite than everybody else in the room.

I did not think about the significance of this until I was on the train home after the event.

When life gives me challenges I re-imagine them into advantages and when my mind gives me lemons, I make butterscotch fudge!



Meet Harold

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Hello Annetta,

My name is Harold Newcomb and I purchased your video with the training skills and I really love it.   I purchased it for my grand daughter, but she wasn’t interested.

As I tried learning all these tricks and drills I found out it is a very good way to exercise while doing something very fun and enjoyable.  It is no easy task for me even though I’m a good athlete. I have several problems learning and performing the tricks. I’m 6′ 2″ and I’m 80 years old, but I’ve got heart and determination.

I am an inventor.  I mow lawns and use a zero turn Cub Cadet mower.  I’ve invented a special mower and I can use the feet to steer the mower, so I am free to do many things with the hands.

I also must alter some of the tricks because of the seat on the mower and can not use my legs because I’m using them to steer the machine.  The zero turn circle enables me to use the baton to perform many of the neck rolls, continuous elbow rolls, mouth rolls, elbow pop rolls, as well as many other  functions.

I am still learning to do all these tricks and would like to someday make videos for you tube.  I would much prefer teaching you to steer the mower and allow you to do the baton tricks. I do have the patten on the invention and these videos would help in selling the idea to some huge manufacturing company.

I had thought that it would be much easier to teach you to operate the zero turn mower than me to do the tricks.

Please let me know what you think of the ideas.

I play your videos every night and imagine myself twirling the baton to some wild James Bond music.

Lots of Love!!!