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Artistic Impulse

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Impulse is a thing that drives many artists.
An idea clicks and you immediatley begin following its lead with no regard for what you may have been previously doing.
There have been many meals half cooked or left shriveling in the oven because I heard a piece of music and left the kitchen, spatula in hand, to pursue choreography that could not wait for my dish to fully simmer.
There have been shovels abandoned near large holes because a particular leaf floated past me and I dropped all matters to build a headress of similar colors and patterns.
At times, I will stop, mid-conversation, head cocked, and simply walk away to begin writing something that shot its way in to my thought freeway.
These are typical things that I do. My family is accustomed to it.
Noah is constantly reminding me of what I was doing or how late I am for the thing that was supposed to be happening; often times I am caught off guard; covered in paint, sand or mounds of material, I am always surprised and disappointed that I have to be somewhere else, just as I was chugging along with the thing that seemed so neccessary . . . and right.
“You were just getting in the car to go to the doctor. Why are you gluing shells all over your head?”
Geez, why wouldn’t I be?
Creative impulse is like an old friend to me. I am always comfortable with it and I’ll drop just about anything to lend it a hand . . . or a pelvis.
I guess that’s how I ended up with my first and only tattoo.
I was spending a lovely day in Cornwall, England with my friends Cathryn, Clare and Alicia, while on tour, in October, 2011.
Clare’s mom happened by our lunch table and she had just come from the tattoo joint down the street.
“I’m blank, Take me there!” I blurted.
They nervously laughed, sensing I was not kidding, and in a short while we arrived at “Canvas Tattoos”.
A guy covered head to toe in artwork came out and asked, “what would you like?”
“I’d like More Please . . . spelled, M-O-O-R-E . . . on my pelvis!”
He was surprised. Once he clarified that he had heard me correctly and I was not joking, he happily obliged.
It hurt like hell.
As I lay in the chair screaming and violently hitting his back he just kept laughing, “Well, this is a first!   This is really so damn funny!   Well, I never saw such a thing!”
Upon completion, I was pleased as punch and I didn’t say a word to Noah.
I waited for him to discover it himself when I got home after my month long tour.
You know, I’ve never seen him more surprised.

Moore Please
Me and Dave, of “Canvas Tattoos”   FYI (Noah’s last name is Moore)


  1. Valdeane Odachi - February 1, 2014 4:55 am

    You’re so delightfully naughty! Love this!

    I’d love to copy this but “Odachi please” on my belly just isn’t the same and Mike would think I’m nuts! LOL!

    The closest to this kind of naughty was when I attempted to blend my maiden name “Uchima” with Mike’s last name “Odachi” to create something new when we got married. But everyone seemed to deny my choices of “Uchi-dachi” and “Oda-chima”. My favorite by far was “Odachichi” pronounced “OH!-da-chi-chi”…. Made it sound like I had really impressive boobs… Maybe that’ll make a good tattoo on me!

    Thanks for the laugh!

    • Annetta Lucero - February 1, 2014 5:51 am

      I dare you!

  2. Clare Spear - February 23, 2014 1:05 am

    I remember this as if it were yesterday. You crazy woman! On the way to see Dave we kept asking you if you were sure and yes, you were adamant!

    After booking the appointment it was even funnier, as you quickly remembered that you had been on tour and had not ‘tended’ to your nether region 😀 X