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An Enchanted Secret (Profound Poetry from 11 year old, Cali Valentine)

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My daughter Cali is a unique girl in many ways, and we often refer to her as our “mad-scientist”.  She is an observer of life, often floating off into her own thoughts,  yet she retains a wicked sense of humor and quick wit.  She loves all living creatures yet does not hesitate to pickle or dissect those beasts and bugs who have met their natural demise. She is also a highly developed multi-media artist.
When Cali was 11 years old she told me she had written a four page poem.  I am accustomed to Cali writing many beautiful, entertaining things so I told her I would look forward to reading it and went on with my evening.  A day later Noah brought me her writing tablet and, with an astonished look on his face, said, “you need to read this…”

Stunned, I shared it with several friends who recommended I post it.
I have copied the poem exactly as it was written.  There were no eraser marks or misspellings.  Cali wrote the poem in a single moment without hesitation or errors.  I hope you find beauty in her words.

An Enchanted Secret 

Follow me

To a place in the mountains

Where lies a meadow

Of fallen dragon’s scales

Where flowers grow

And never die

All that is and shall be

Will be found.

Where lies a river

Flowing tears of joy

Of this Universe itself

Realizing that what is yours

Is it’s

What is mine

Is it’s

And what is it’s is, being of the Universe,


Where colors are free

Not having names

As they fly around the fields

Not just being red, or green, or blue

But going unnamed

Soaring freely into the sky

Seen by those who believe in them.

Where the discriminating word


has no definition

for it is used not to describe all that is

but all that has been found.

But yet in this place all is plain in sight

But there is so much more to see

Looking from the peak of existence

Down into the world

Where infinity is not real

Therefore should have no definition.
But down there,

Somebody smiles

And shines as a bright face into the sky

Which is not only blue

And there in the sky are several more beacons

all different colors

the colors of joy

of liberty

of knowing

that while they are not in the mountains

they are in a place still bursting with flowing emotions

and energy and smiles

shining so brightly.

And they do not know it

But they all share the world

From the space underneath their sinks

To the wide ocean

With divers and dolphins and sharks alike

All sharing the sea full of energy

Flowing throughout the waves

And washing up on the shore

Where it will be picked up on the feet

Of a farmer’s dog

And then leaving growing traces in paw prints

And glowing an invisible aura

as the dog takes it back to the farm,

spreading it through the chickens and cows

and the farmer as he thinks

what a wonderful world

sending up a beacon for birds to fly through

flying freely as they should be

freeing others from the cages that bound them to the dirt.

And they soar over the mountain that they come from

The freedom pulses from the ground

Urging a sudden feeling of rebelliousness

To people in places so orderly and gray

Where the word “normal” is not fiction

And where people are made to be all exact

With no accident

Things are boring.

So here stands firmly in place

Clearly on accident as read in an open book

Is the feeling to be individual, to be a person

And not a clone

To have your smile shine a different color

To have a shining light

To guide you through grayness

Illuminating the world

As you change the laws

And break the rules

Rebel against what is a true boundary

To discover that they can all be broken

and sparkle and illuminate and glow

and light your way

to navigate

to a magical place in the mountains. 

~Cali Valentine



  1. Cheryl Moore - January 12, 2014 4:18 pm

    Once again, Cali shows herself to be an enchanted, enchanting spirit – much like her Mom!

  2. Oriana - January 12, 2014 7:32 pm

    Beautiful…. healing words.

    Cali is absolutely amazing, just as you are!

  3. Donna Drickey - January 13, 2014 12:59 am

    Cali is more than a “work in progress ” and is understanding this world far beyond the limits of age or so-called education. What a special soul lies inside this wondrous little girl and I cannot guess what a marvelous future she has before her. It will carry her beyond the calls of “chicken littles” to which she gladly responds these days. How very proud Annetta and Noah must be as they watch her develop her own special skills and share them with a world that needs those who think beyond the black or gray of color limitations. What a great poem, Cali, and share it with the world! I will not be your neighbor much longer as I will soon return to the mainland, but I will never forget your remarkable family or YOU.
    Donna d. d.

  4. David McBride - January 18, 2014 5:11 am

    Love again and again, over and over!

  5. Guido van Gent - February 5, 2014 8:09 am

    Here i stand as a 30 year old with loads of life expirience, a very well developed intuition only to be slapped in the face by an 11 year old girl who does not follow the yellow brick road in front of her, but sees that she can deploy her own path to where ever she wants to go.

    Really impressed. She is unique!