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A Good Deed, Nonetheless…

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Yesterday I jumped in my beat up, 1994 humble, faded Ford van and took my collection of cans to the recycle center. I was pleased with the four dollar return and hummed a little tune as I walked toward the cash out office.  As the cashier was placing the money in my hand I noticed a raggedy elderly man approaching to have his cans processed.  His clothes were filthy, his beard long and uneven, and his shoes appeared to be mismatched as he shuffled along carrying his meager handful of cans and bottles.
He had a wonderful sparkle in his eyes and a little smirk that captured my attention.
I did an about-face, returned my four dollars and quietly asked the cashier to please pass it on to the next customer who came to her window.
I walked across the parking lot to see if the Re-used Store had any treasures I could use to create something beautiful.
As I was considering the possibilities for a discarded hubcap a big ruckus came from the direction of the cash-out office.
It did my heart good to hear the whoops and hollers. It sounded as if someone’s home team just scored the winning point for the championship title.
W H O O P I E !  Well, what do ya know, look at that!  WOW!”   The recycle workers voices joined in, congratulating the winner.
I refrained from looking over, and waited a bit before heading back to my jalopy of a ride.

I had a feeling of contentment as I pulled around the corner heading toward the exit.
As I glanced to my left I saw the old man.  He had just finished discarding his regular trash and was stepping in to his vehicle.
It was a big, beautiful, shiny-new Ford truck.

I laughed all the way home!


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