Lucero Speaks

A Conversation With Self

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Who are you?

I am that I am.

…and what about all those others who are not who you are?

I am rescuing them.  Some come quietly while others hold tight to the railings of their Titanic.
There are only a few desperate victims left. 

Look at that one over there in the life-vest.  It is stubbornly dog paddling, it’s nose barely above the tumultuous waters. 

The waters are tumultuous because it is kicking so fiercely.
It doesn’t realize that drowning is not its ultimate fate. 

What is its’ fate True Self?


I am a lifeboat, collecting the little me’s.  Many of them cooperated and it was so easy.  They lined up nicely, sat on the benches and we are floating serenely through crystal clear waters.

Who is that peering over the side of the boat?

Oh!  That is Criticism.  She likes to jump over-board and splash, but I have tied a rope to her ankle so I can drag her back in. 
She is learning to stay in the boat.

Is this boat big enough for everybody?

Oh yes, it is a magic boat that expands to fit all who have been separated. 
Once everybody is collected the boat will vanish.

How is that possible?

 Everything, including the boat, is water. 





1 comment

  1. Valdeane Odachi - April 1, 2014 8:09 am

    A fabulous reflection. Yes, we are all the same. Through our individual journeys, we are really journeying together. Examples, inspirations, etc… for each other.
    LOVE IT.