April 2016


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I believe that a strong foundation creates the base for the highest, most solid, qualified, incredible results.

Is it easy?

Not usually.

Does it take take time and patience?


Is it worth it?

A B S O L U T E L Y ! ! !

A mere year and a half ago I met a young girl who had a very poor foundation in baton twirling. She had been what I would refer to as, “mis-taught”. ┬áIn the world of baton twirling this means, she had an incorrect “thumb-flip”, horrendous “pattern”, ┬áremarkably misdirected choreography and ZERO rolls. In fact, the first words she ever spoke to me were, “I can not roll, I hate rolls”.


I took note, and ignored reality.

After all, this poor soul was Norwegian. Norwegians are not usually recognized in the sport of TWIRLING.

….I have chanced upon a champion.

I KNEW it the moment I saw her.

Ingerlinn Sundby is a Champion.

Aside from Baton Twirling, this young lady possesses a spirit that can change the world. She may not yet know it, but SHE IS SPECIAL.

Ingerlinn has endured ME for some time now. She may not always like the direction I am leading her in, but she has trusted my seemingly “wacky” guidance.

Ingerlinn is humble. Ingerlinn is quiet. Ingerlinn has fears….

I am not humble. I am not quiet. I have nearly no fear.

This Kid Is A Gift.

With patience, sensitivity and guess-work, Ingerlinn and I have blazed our path. We KNOW when it is okay to push and when I need to back-the-heck off.

It’s been a HUGE life lesson for me.

My favorite twirler in history is Janae Dorn, and I find it quite amusing that this kid is the physical reincarnation of Ms. Dorn.

I love this child beyond words.

I am, (and I NEVER use this word), “Proud” of her resilience.

Ingerlinn and I continue to work for her highest potential. Competition is a secondary aspect. HOW GOOD can she become from her effort? This is the only question that matters.

What do I believe?

I believe I have found the result of my life’s work. I believe I am engaged in an important mission to heal the small part of the world I am engaged in. I believe I have been gifted the possibility of hope, through a metal stick and a beautiful young lady who has dreams of becoming a champion.

Ingerlinn…. YOU are already a champion.

I love you.

PS. Ingerlinn has the most vertical, impressive, non-cheating, breath-takingly-amazing rolls I have seen since the 1980’s.IMG_3100