December 2013

Who You Already Are

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Never, Never, NEVER underestimate what YOU are capable of.  Do not let general beliefs or statistics dictate the way you approach your life. (more…)

The Positives and Negatives about my Twirling Experience on Planet Earth

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Baton Twirling has been a HUGE part of my life.  I was born into a family of twirlers, trained relentlessly even when I didn’t want to, won and lost hundreds of competitions, traveled the world, been kicked out of gyms, injured parts of my body I didn’t know were possible, met lovely and horrid people, etc. etc etc.

Along with the many joys and positive experiences there have been countless disappointments and frustrations.  Here I lay before you some of the things I found most positive and negative about my life in Competitive Baton twirling. (more…)

The Book of Now

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“Aloha, can I help you find something?” The lovely woman behind the counter is speaking to me and I realize I have been intently scanning the shelf at the used book store with my tongue sticking out of the side of my mouth. “OH!  Hello!  Yes, please.  I am looking for the Ram Dass classic, “Be Here Now”,  have you seen it? (more…)

A Good Deed, Nonetheless…

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Yesterday I jumped in my beat up, 1994 humble, faded Ford van and took my collection of cans to the recycle center. I was pleased with the four dollar return and hummed a little tune as I walked toward the cash out office.  As the cashier was placing the money in my hand I noticed a raggedy elderly man approaching to have his cans processed.  His clothes were filthy, his beard long and uneven, and his shoes appeared to be mismatched as he shuffled along carrying his meager handful of cans and bottles. (more…)

From Fiasco to Opportunity

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How would you react if you invested nearly all you presently had into purchasing something, yet when the product arrived it was damaged beyond salvage, you may not be reimbursed, and your deadline for retrieving some of your investment was passing that very day?
Today I had a most awesome experience…. (more…)

Everyday is a Miracle

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A remake of my car accident happened in front of me this afternoon while I was at the stop sign… at the very intersection where I was hit.  Two cars collided at full speed, spun out of control inches from my windshield and came to a smoking halt on separate sides of the road.   (more…)

A Good, Sturdy Tooth

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Driving through Pahoa with my son Jacob, I spot an elderly, shoeless man hitchhiking.  My heart swells and I come to a screeching halt 20 feet ahead of him. Surprisingly, the boney man sprints like a teenaged running-back toward our car, huge smile peeking out from beneath his unkept beard. (more…)

The Unpredictability of Grief

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Noah called on his way home from picking up the kids from school, and asked me to prepare a snack for everyone.  As I began the task I felt a flood of emotion swell up in me.  I had an overwhelming need to prepare Jaidon’s meal, and it felt like I couldn’t stop myself as I reached in the cupboard for his oatmeal.  As I stood there I felt an indescribable, black hole of sadness.  Tears instantly flooded my eyes, covered my face and I began to sob uncontrollably.  I was surprised by this episode and by the depth of my pain.  For two and half years I have been handling my son’s death with strength, dignity, compassion and very little drama.  I have kept it together presenting keynote speeches while sharing Jaidon’s story with countless people… (more…)