November 2013

The Horrible Talent Show!

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Yesterday I cooked a decadently delicious Mexican feast including Swai Taco’s, Carne Asada, Cerano Pepper Corn Cakes, Pumpkin-zuchini stir fry, homemade refried beans, rice and a HUGE pot of Mexi-turkey-vegetable soup.

The Moore-Lucero clan celebrated a day of thanks with our family of  5 and 4 lovely, intelligent and outrageously talented friends.  After stuffing ourselves beyond what was prudent, we set up a ramshackle curtain and prepared ourselves for the Horrible Talent Show performances. (more…)

Open and Receptive

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“I am open and receptive to all good things, opportunities, people, concepts, experiences and new ideas.” 

For the past few weeks I have been practicing this statement whenever I feel the immediate resistance I have carried with me for much of my life.
You know the feeling— it’s that automatic, defensive, disapproval.  It’s the scowl between your eyebrows when you see behavior that you perceive as being wrong, the pursed lips as you make that little hmmph sound, the dismissal of chance for things you long ago crossed off of your “I can do that” list—  it’s the judgement you quickly form about yourself,  situations,  possibilities, and others. (more…)

Think ~ Create ~ Become!

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When I hear athletes, artists, coaches, etc. make statements about how somebody “stole my routine”, “took my trick”, “copied my whole section”, I am always perplexed. (more…)

Nerd (from the autobiography, “My Name is Ned”)

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'81-'82 champ

…In 1982 I won Grand National Solo once again. I was the first athlete in the sport to win 2 consecutive years.  That is because I broke the sacred tradition of sitting out a year as a courtesy.  I was so young it would have been athletic suicide to stop my training regimen.  Besides, I was fairly attached to that Diamond Cup and I didn’t want to give it back.  More than a few people were unhappy with my decision but nobody ever sat out again.

Becoming a champion was validating.  In the gymnasium I was a star.  Outside the gymnasium I was an unusually small, skinny, socially backward teenager with an overbearing mother.  I was petrified of attending public high school. Since the pressures of competition were so absurd it was decided that the best thing to do was opt for home schooling.  This would allow me to practice even more and completely avoid socializing with my peers.  My mom ordered a series of Christian Home School text-books and the fiasco began. (more…)

Thai-rrific Kitchen Cabinets

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Ta-Da Cabinet Door.

The tropical rain pelted my windshield as I pulled up to the Pahoa Transfer Station several months ago.  I was making another run to the tiny  re-use store in an attempt to find things that would serve as functional interior elements for our developing home.   (more…)