September 2013

No More Problems

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Overcome your own perceptions of failure… and you will overcome anxiety and eliminate the feeling of failure from your life and sports career. (more…)

Shift Your Focus

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A value I have carried from the sports arena to my life is to not focus on my competitors.  (more…)

Healing My Tattooed Past

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I have been striving to live a life true to my callings and passions for quite some time now, and it has been an interesting, informative, internal, intense and inspiring journey.   (more…)

“nARTcotics” Discovering Hidden Talents

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1. Crash

Life has an odd way of showing us who we are sometimes. Broken sternum, 3 damaged ribs, collapsed lung, shattered knee-caps, mangled right shoulder, severely punctured wrist and wrecked athletic career were the only obvious results after I was hit by a car on April 18, 2011. (more…)

I Will Work for my Dreams

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Annetta Lucero work for dreams

All of my life I have been working. I decided to make the work meaningful by putting my efforts into the things I dreamt about that I knew I could accomplish. (more…)